Welcome to onlineclipboard.com

A short introduction to onlineclipboard clipmate:
This is a free onlineservice that keeps a record of your windows clipboards online.
Never again loose any textdata in clipboard when shutting down or power failure.
When you are connected and logged in to onlineclipboard.com our software checks your
current clipboardcontents against our database. If your current clipboard isn't in the database
it's added and set to the active clipboard in the clipboardmanager.

Be adviced that when you are logged in ALL textdata that's in your clipboard will be transfered
to our servers SQL database.
So if you feel that you don't want the clipboarddata to be archived don't log in.

Onlineclipboard does only work with ms windows and IE5+
If you are using another operatingsystem and/or browser with success please email me

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